Winning Tips and Strategies For Online Blackjack

Some of the strategies that you’ll employ in blackjack are going to depend on what the dealer is showing. Since the player has to make decisions before the dealer ever moves, players are advised to pay attention to the dealer’s showing card and try to move accordingly. That’s not to say that the player should mimic the dealer – assuming the card beneath is a 10 and try to match the dealer’s hand. But online casino players can take steps in given scenarios that may increase your chances of winning if you’re not an expert card counter.

First of all, most casino games offer players the option to take insurance bets against the dealer’s possible “Blackjack” hand. This temptation arises mostly when the dealer’s showing card is an ace. It’s a bet that lets you break even on one hand when all is said and done. Here’s the tip: unless you are an seasoned card-counter, FORGET ABOUT THIS OPTION. Just pretend there is no such thing as insurance bets. You can end up losing twice as much money if you lose your hand, and your insurance bet.

Usually you have an option to place a “double-down” bet, which means you place a bet of equal amount to your original bet, and you are entitled to one more card. Whatever your hand equals after that one more card, is the hand you play regardless. Here’s the tip: you may consider a double down bet in the following scenarios:

If your two-card total equals 9, and the dealer is showing any numbers between 3-6: You cannot bust with one more card, and the dealer must draw on anything lower than 16, which is the maximum this scenario allows for the dealer. If your two-card total equals 10, and if the dealer is showing a 9 or lower: Again, you cannot bust, and you may end up with a 3-card total of 20 or 21. The dealer will have to hold if the other card is over 16, or draw if it’s less. If your 2-card total equals 11, and the dealer’s card is not an ace: Ideally in this scenario you’re hoping for a 10. If you get a 10, the best the dealer can do is match you.

You may split pairs of cards: two 6’s for example. If you opt to split your cards, you’re betting additional money and you’ll play the two split cards as two independent hands. You’re hoping that one or both hands beats the dealer’s hand. Here’s the tip: Most players will tell you to only split a pair of aces or a pair of eights. Here’s why: the two card total of a pair of 8s is 16. A hit on a 16 is almost begging to bust, and the dealer can win without getting 21. So you’d split the eights and hit them hard. With aces, the answer is obvious: you’re hoping one of the gets a ten or a picture card. If not, the value is only 1, so you can work that hand as well. Any other pairs should not be split, especially 10s.

Finally, let’s say your two cards are an ace and a 6 – what’s called a “soft 17.” If the dealer is showing a ten, that means another 10, a 9 or an 8 beats the soft 17. Obviously you won’t know if the dealer’s other card is any of those. Here’s the tip: If the dealer’s card is anything higher than a 7, and your two-card total adds up to anything between 13-17, you should hit. It’s a calculated risk you’re taking to try and get closer to 21, since your next card will not bust. You should not try to hit again if you have three cards or more in your hand even if you do have a soft 13.

Like Blackjack, online bingo too gives you plenty of opportunity to win prizes. The gameplay involves cards that need to purchased at the beginning of the game and the player that covers all the numbers on their cards the first wins. Each card varies in price depending on the type of site that you are playing at. GameVillage Bingo for instance provides for free bingo games in their Chip Van Bingo room.

This room is a 50-ball bingo is just the room, with a 5×5 card. There will be 5 rows and 5 columns and the player that makes the displayed pattern first wins the jackpot. If you are a player that loves playing online games, then GameVillage site for you. Newbies get a free bonus of £20 on a minimum deposit of £5 along with guaranteed prizes on their Fortune Wheel. Online bingo is among the most convenient of online games and is a must try by all.

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